Dua Waktu

Aku manusia dua waktu

Kuharap aku tak perlu tidur

Siang hari memuaskan orang lain

Malam hari menghibur diri sendiri

Aku manusia dua waktu

Kuharap aku tak perlu tidur

Namun, saat ini ingin hanyalah angan

Aku yang egois lah yang menang


•kurokuro, 26 Oktober 2016, 23.35•

Copyright (c) 2016. KAZE Kurumi. Dua Waktu.

Ps. Kata Om Rhoma Irama, jangan begadang kalau tiada artinya.


Mirror, Mirror…

Who is the most beautiful here?

I look up at the mirror, asking

Then I scream

Because of the question

I see a glutonous zombie

Hey, a mirror can’t be lying, 



•kurokuro, 24 Oktober 2016 09.50•

Copyright (c) 2016. KAZE Kurumi. Mirror.

Broken Picture

Tears are overflowing

Hands are trembling

Acts were cutting

Lips are swearing

How stupid I am


The picture has broken.

•kurokuro, 23 Mei 2016 22:10•

Copyright (c) KAZE Kurumi, 2016. Broken Picture.

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A little talk about this “Broken Picture”, actually there isn’t a picture at all.

And, pardon my bad english xoxo :3


To night


To knight

I’ll be the night

And you’re the knight

Who will reveal his heart at night

So I’m Night.

Then Knight sees the shining stars.

He admires stars,

Then allways wait for Night

To see the stars.

For Stars’ sake.

•kurokuro, 23 Mei 2016 20:58•

Copyright (c) KAZE Kurumi, 2016. (K)NIGHT.

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PS. Pardon my bad english xoxo :3