Ikanaide – Don’t Go Away (yet)

Ikanaide | cr : DeniUsagine.dA

It’s nothing, I thought to myself

The truth is, I want to stop those footsteps for a moment,

But you’re gliding forward with such quick steps

That I simply watch

On the last train, you board, leaving me behind,

Gliding away. Slowly, the ground slides away.

Don’t cry. Don’t cry.

But the truth is, I want to say out loud,

[Don’t go.]

Don’t cry. Don’t cry.

But the truth is, I want to say it out loud,

[Don’t cry.]

lyrics from vocaloid.wikia

Just like others, I’m afraid of parting ways. I keep imagining how come if this is or last encounter?

It makes me hurt to think,

It makes me hurt to feels…

I’m just all alone.

And I think, this song just got it right.

Crap, I try to cover this song and try for likely ten times but still no good. My crappy voice, suddenly sneezing, a screaming sound, broken utensils, tom and jerry sfx sound, etc. Lame.

From all version, I love mafumafu’s version most! It’s amazing omg his soft voice makes me want to hug him tightly *virtual hug*. But, there are still another amazing covers out there, you should check it out on YouTube. As example, Soraru-san :3 //baper//

Lagu galau dinyanyiin utaite ganteng emang suka bikin baper //akh–

From a little panda who longing her soulmate,






[Jason Mraz] I Won’t Give Up cover by JunCurry Ahn

WHOOOOOAAAA~ It’s amazing!!! You are reallyreallyreally amazing~ I love your violin so much =3 why you go really far to bring that song for me? //paan sih lu ma-_-//

This is JunCurry Ahn or his “original” name is Jun Sung Ahn. He’s an awesome boy who also rap and dance too =3

Whatever, I just recommend you to watch his violin cover! All of them are incredible awesome >w< maybe sometime while I’m not so busy, I’ll post more video about him u,u

Happy watching, all~! =))